Tuesday Nite at 9:00 P.M. Summer and Winter

147.210 Clarksburg, WV N8FMD Repeater

PL Tone 103.5

The following station list is for all check-ins for the year ending December 31, 2004
Callsign [number of times checked in for the year]

AB8EC[1], AB8HO[1], K8RAS[1], K8TPH[38], K8WWW[48], KA4QWH[4], KA8JRX[18], KB8CVP[1],
KB8LYL[1], KB8QIN[11], KB8UGP[1], KB8WRZ[28], KB8YOO[9], KB8ZQC[1], KC8AYR[1], KC8BXN[1],
KC8FTE[1], KC8FVZ[32], KC8FWD[1], KC8GGX[1], KC8HUP[1], KC8KXI[2], KC8MHA[3], KC8OBS[9],
KC8PXN[1], KC8RIM[1], KC8SCK[1], KC8UWW[2], KC8VCB[4], KC8VFZ[2], KC8VHY[1], KC8WXY[1],
KC8YLP[1], KC8ZFY[21], KC8ZHP[7], KC8ZQS[10], KC8ZRI[3], KC8ZWU[1], KD8ABS[6], KD8AEE[1],
KO3E[3], N8FJC[3], N8FXH[37], N8IY[28], N8QYI[1], N8UBK[36], N8XXH[29], N8YPE[1], NM3M[1],
NW8U[1], VE3APT[1], W8YS[2], WA8YCD[2], WD8BHW[9], WD8NSC[41], WD8PAD[1], WV8DC[1],
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