Tuesday Nite at 9:00 P.M. Summer and Winter

147.210 Clarksburg, WV N8FMD Repeater

PL Tone 103.5

The following station list is for all check-ins for the year ending December 31, 2006
Callsign [number of times checked in for the year]


K8RAS(1), K8TPH(48), K8WWW(52), KA8JRX(15), KB8EUB(1) KB8QIK(4), KB8QIN(29), KB8RIA(18), KB8WRZ(38), KB8WSY(1),
KB8YOO(11), KC8AJH(1), KC8AYR(3), KC8BMX(12), KC8CWU(1), KC8FID(1), KC8FVZ(38), KC8FWD(4), KC8GGX(1),
KC8HHM(1), KC8MLK(41), KC8OBS(21), KC8PNI(1), KC8RBL(2), KC8VHY(1), KC8YSO(2), KC8YVR(1), KC8YVR(1),
KC8YVV(2), KC8ZFY(28), KC8ZHP(8), KC8ZQC(1), KC8ZWU(4), KD8ABS(1), KD8BFL(1), KD8BGB(2), KD8BGF(2),
KD8DEM(1), KD8EBL(2), N3XGP(1), N8FMD(1), N8FXH(15), N8IY(31), N8QYI(2), N8TXP(1), N8UBK(42),
N8XEF(2), N8XXH(27), N8YPE(1), NW8U(3), W8BS(1), W8OWV(1), WD8BHW(14), WD8NSC(50), WV3G(1),
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