Digital Amateur Radio Emergency Network Plan

The scope of the plan is to provide guidance for setting up remote or local stations dedicated to a State wide (Packet Radio) Digital Amateur Radio Emergency Network (D. A. R. E. N.) that will be used to provide support to all State, County, and City Government, and Humanitarion or Emergency Organizations

DAREN has been in operation since 1992 and has worked very well in several emergency situations. Traffic has been passed using the (National Traffic System) NTS for all of these years with very good results.

DAREN has had only one draw back in competing with new technology, such as Cell Phones and integrated emergency communication systems. That is the ability to pass traffic seamlessly to agencies in need of reliable written information.

DAREN has met that challenge by intergrating with the World Wide Web via a system called Winlink 2000 which gives DAREN the ability to pass written traffic directly to the Internet via Electronic Mail (Email).

DAREN has scattered through out West Virginia approximately 24 Packet Stations with the ability of utilizing NODES, DIGIPEATERS, AND BULLETIN BOARDS (BBS).

Just recently, K8KHW-10 located in Newport, OHIO (just across the Ohio River from Wood County) has joined DAREN supplying a TelPac Gateway(WL2K TELnet PACket gateway) to the Internet. This stations can be reached via the existing NODES or DIGIPEATERS and Email can be sent to and received from anywhere in the world that third party traffic is accepted.

For information on DAREN, please contact KEN, WA8LLM and for information on the WinLink system please go to Winlink 2000

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DAREN 1200 BPS Packet Radio on frequency 145.690 MHz

DAREN NODES heard and active on June 1, 2006
K8KHW-10 connect via WOODWV or RITCWV