Stonewall Jackson Amateur Raido Association
Results reported to ARRL:

     CW QSOs : 580
     SSB QSOs : 1527
     DIGITAL QSOs  2
Bonus points claimed: 1190
Total score claimed: 5,382

Official ARRL Results for Field Day 2006


Number 19 Nationally Class 3A


Number 1 West Virginia of 16 Stations Reporting
West Virginia Stations Only

1. K8DF QSOs 2109 Power 2 Paticipants 23 Grand Total 6572 Class 3A
2. W8GK QSOs 1715 Power 2 Participants 26 Grand Total 5908 Class 3A
3. W8SP QSOs 1495 Power 2 Paticipants 25 Grand Total 5706 Class 2A
4. K8EP QSOs 1475 Power 2 Paticipants 23 Grand Total 5170 Class 2A
5. W8MWA QSOs 929 Power 2 Participants 20 Grand Total 4166 Class 4A
6. W8VA QSOs 979 Power 2 Participants 65 Grand Total 3762 Class 4F
7. WC8EC QSOs 570 Power 2 Participants 16 Grand Total 2976 Class 5A
8. W8ED QSOs 586 Power 2 Paticipants 9 Grand Total 2664 Class 1A
9. WV8AR QSOs 458 Power 2 Participants 27 Grand Total 1882 Class 2A
10. KB2FEL QSOs 158 Power 5 Participants 1 Grand Total 1730 Class 1B-1
11. K8BLP QSOs 373 Power 2 Participants 13 Grand Total 1652 Class 2A
12. WV8E QSOs 256 Power 2 Participants 5 Grand Total 896 Class 3A
13. WA8SDA QSOs 149 Power 2 Participants 1 Grand Total 744 Class 1D
14. KC8KCI QSOs 87 Power 2 Participants 8 Grand Total 670 Class 2A
15. AB8CR QSOs 36 Power 2 Participants 2 Grand Total 358 Class 1E
16. AB8IR QSOs 52 Power 2 Participants 1 Grand Total 104 Class 1D Mobil

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Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association Field Day 2006

Worked all 50 States and 12 Canadian Provinces

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      The SJARA (K8DF) Field Day activities started on June 24, 2006 with the setting up of shelters and getting antennas ready. The weather man had not given us much encouragement in the good weather area, rain, 50/50 on Saturday and 100% on Sunday.
      NW8U and his son KC8QIP arrived early Friday afternoon with the tower and the four element Tri-Bander. K8WWW was on hand to supervise and make sure a safe and professional installation.
      Dipoles were put up for 40/80 meters and a dipole to be used exclusively by the CW station. Our first problem came to light when we went to the storage area to pick up the large shelter. It was nowhere to be found. Panic! After several telephone calls the shelter was found in the garage of a local citizen that had used it earlier for a family gathering. The shelter was obtained and erected in short order. After things were checked for the evening everyone went home to get their equipment ready for the weekend and to get a good nights sleep. Needless to say there would be little sleep gotten on Saturday night.
      Late on Friday evening our second problem occurred. Our resident Cook and Bottle Washer called and he had a family emergency and had to go out of town.
      Early Saturday morning we had a quick conference and two others came forward to volunteer to obtain the supplies and prepare them, KC8HHM and KB8RIA. Everyone started showing up at 9:00 AM on Saturday and the CW station, SSB 20/15/10 meter was installed. A third station was set up to operate SSB on 40/80 meters. A fourth station was installed to be used a a GOTA station but as things progressed it was found, no one wanted to operate the GOTA station so it was not used. We keep the equipment sitting nearby just in case we had trouble with equipment failure on any of the other stations. Luckily we had no rig or power supply problems like last year.
      The Clarksburg Police Department Mobile Command Unit containing the generator arrived around noon and everything was powered up to trouble shoot for power problems. The computers were installed on the three stations but we had learned our lesson from last year not to try “wireless”, so the logging computers were all hardwired.
      Then our next problem came to light, KC8HHM, our newly appointed Chief Cook and Bottle washer had a minor home emergency and had to leave. By this time several other SJARA members and wives had arrived and they stepped up and took up the slack. Luckily KC8HHM returned before the evening meal was served..
      We started at 1800 UTC with all of the foreseeable problems solved and Field Day started with exuberance Calling CQ Field Day and logging. The weather was very cooperative on Saturday, the temperatures were in the mid 80s, overcast and the humidity in the 90% range, damp but no rain. The rain hit us around 1000 UTC on Sunday morning.
      During the day on Saturday as the contacts were being made in great style, visitors and several local dignitaries came by. Mr. Ron Watson, Harrison County Commission, Mr..Richard Rock, Executive Director, Harrison County EMS, Mr. Graig Crimm Director of CERT, and Mr. Martin Howe, Clarksburg City Manager. A little later in the day two young lady reports from WDTV Channel 5 TV, Clarksburg/Weston came by to film the operations and interview the President of SJARA, KB8RIA. The news cast was aired on the WDTV Six o’clock news.
      Operations ran smoothly during the remainder of Saturday. Also running during Field Day was an APRS station sending out our location, 3916.48N 08020.50W on 144.390 Mhz. Packet Radio was also demonstrated and maintained on 145.690 Mhz, the state wide Digital Amateur Radio Emergency Network (DAREN), which maintains approximately 24 working Nodes, Digipeaters, and PBBS. Recently a new area has been added to the DAREN system and that is the capability of utilizing Winlink/Telpac. Two Telpac gateways have recently been added giving packet via the DAREN nodes the ability to pass text Email seamlessly into the Internet and back to amateurs using DAREN. Each DAREN node maintains a working PBBS to store and pass NTS traffic.
      Just before time for the evening meal our Chief Cook and Bottle washer KC8HHM returned to serve an outstanding meal of Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Potato salad, Cold slaw, and all of the fix’ns including some outstanding dessert brought by our Amateur Radio family cooks.
      The Field Day activities were well attended with a total of 22 licensed amateurs participating, operating, logging and just observing. The youngest licensed amateur was KD8ABS, age 13 and the eldest was KB8WRZ, age 80 plus. We had 30 visitors and hams register but I noticed several present that did not sign the register. We will have to work harder next year to get everyone to register.
      Near midnight we made simplex 2 meter contact with another Field Day station, W8SP, and we managed to exchange SSTV. Just past midnight we attempted a QSO through PCSAT2 on the International Space Station but we were unable to receive a QSL even though we did hear a few stations digi via PACSAT2.
      The weather did cooperate through Saturday but around 1000 UTC it started to rain. Within an hour it had developed into a full blown storm. We got nearly 1 inch of rain and was like walking around in 4 inches of soup. Fortunately there was no damaging wind or hail. With the storm came the downfall of the bands. Things went from bad to worse. About 1400 UTC the main breaker on the generator kicked. We figured water was the problem so we rechecked connections before we restarted the generator. The generator was up and operating but it was decided to terminate operations because it looked like the rain was not going to subside. We terminated Field Day at 1430 UTC. and packed it in until next year.
      We had a great time in spite of the rain. We made a total of 2109 contacts, of which 580 were CW contacts. We made 1 packet, 1 phone, and 1 SSTV contacts on 2 meters and originated a message to the WV Section Manager KA8ZGY, via West Virginia Fone Net and via DAREN PBBS, CHASWV in Charleston, WV. We made 1,190 bonus points giving K8DF a grand total of 5,382 Field Day points. We worked all 50 states and all of the Canadian Provinces except one, Northwest Territory(NT).

See you all next year,
Respectfully Submitted,

ARRL Field Day Entry Form

Call Used: K8DF ARRL/RAC Section: WV Class: 3A Participants: 23
Club/Group Name: Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association Power Source(s): Generator Power Multiplier: 2X Bonus Points:
100% Emergency power 300 Media Publicity 100 Set-up in Public Place 100 Information Booth 100 NTS message to ARRL SM/SEC 100 Site Visit by invited elected official 100 Site Visit by invited served agency official 100 Youth participation 40 Youth operators= 2 Youth participants= 2 Submitted via the Web 50 Non traditional mode: APRS 100 Non traditional mode: SSTV 100 Total Bonus Points 1,190 Score Summary:
  CW Digital Phone Total
Total QSOs 580 2 1527 2109 Total Points 1160 4 1527 2691 Claimed Score =  5,382 Submitted by: Richard R. Wilt, K8TPH 170 Pennsylvania Ave. Bridgeport, WV 26330 E-mail: cn8ff@aol.com Band/Mode QSO Breakdown:
CW Digital Phone QSOs Pwr(W) QSOs Pwr(W) QSOs Pwr(W) 160m 80m               Phone 438 @100W 40m CW 575 @100W Phone 318 @100W 20m CW   5 @100W Phone 771 @100W 15m 10m 6m 2m   Digital 2 @50W 1.25 Other Satellite GOTA TOTAL CW 580 /Digital  /Phone  1527 Supporting documentation for Bonus Points will be sent via mail to: Field Day, ARRL, 225 Main St., Newington, CT 06111 USA

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