Stonewall Jackson Amateur Raido Association

West Virginia

2005 Field Day Results
Cat/Callsign/Name of Group/Contacts/Multiplier/Operators/Total Pts/Section

1A----- AB8CO Iook Pals 752 2 7 2942 WV
2A Bat- K8EP (+K8BUN) Eastern Panhandle ARC 1327 2 25 4274 WV
2A Bat- WV8AR West Virginia AR 700 2 28 3090 WV
3A----- W8VA(+W80I) Tri State ARA 1056 2 38 3794 WV
3A----- K8DF SJARA 1001 2 35 3450 WV
5A----- WC8EC Wood Co. EMCOM 687 2 22 2950 WV
5A----- W8CAL Marshall Co. ARES 529 2 18 2258 WV
5A----- WV8T Plateau ARA Black Diamond ARC/HamJones DXA 549 2 28 2186 WV

Field Day 2005

Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association

Worked 49 states, only state did not work was Alaska

The SJARA (K8DF) Field Day was held on June 25/26 at our traditional location on the grassy knoll directly behind the Harrison County YMCA at the top of Lowndes Hill, Clarksburg, WV Lowndes Hill is an historical site having been the site of several Civil War skirmishes overlooking the downtown area of Clarksburg. Lowndes Hill still shows the remains of the Union Army entrenchments. Work at the Field Day site began on Friday evening when NW8U (John) and his son arrived with the tower and tri-bander in tow. K8WWW (Bill) was there to supervise and make sure we did a good safe installation. In very short order the base plate was installed., the tower and tri-bander with rotor were assembled and we started to raise the tower and get it in place. In short order this task was accomplished and we had our antenna for 20/15/10 meters. During the installation several others arrived with the makings of a Field Day site, shelters, tables, chairs and of course the kitchen. The Friday evening work was completed and everyone went home to get a good nights sleep so we could get a good start on Saturday morning. Everyone started to show up on Saturday around noon and work continued on the completion of the site. Three stations were installed, one for 20/15/10 to operated on SSB/CW depending on conditions. The second was set up on 40 meters SSB/CW, and the third set up 80 meters SSB. Antenna installation was completed with a dipole for 80 meters at about 35 feet and a dipole around 40 feet for 40 meters. The Clarksburg Police Department Mobile Command Unit arrived around 1 PM and we had power. We had a computer at all three operating positions and our local computer Tech was busy linking them so all three could be merged into one system. This proved to be a little more time consuming than expected so Field Day was started using the old fashion way with pencil and paper logging. The wireless system was soon in operation and things were running smoothly. More and more operators were showing up and N8YPE (Dave) our resident chef was well on the way getting the galley up and running for the late evening meal. Of course, shortly into Field Day, we had a power supply on the 80 meter station that went south so off they went for a replacement which took about 30 minutes and 80 meters was back on the air and operating like 80 meters is while the sun shines. The temperature soared during the afternoon and before we knew it the temperature was 93 degrees and there was a lot of soda and water consumed with of course the increase in visits to the little yellow outhouse. Outhouses are still a common site in West Virginia but not bright yellow ones. Early in the afternoon we had two well known local visitors. First the Harrison County Director of Emergency Management, Mr. Fred Smart, dropped by to see how we were doing and he talked and observed our complete operation, and he appeared to be impressed with our organization and how rapidly we were set up and making contacts. A little later the Harrison County Commissioner, Mr. Ron Watkins, came by on his motorcycle. We also gave him a tour and he was introduced all around as was Fred Smart a little earlier in the day. Coffee mugs with the club callsign and name were presented to each of our official local government representatives. While all of this was going on in the background unnoticed by most, the APRS Digipeater (Automatic Postion Reporting System) was busy relaying and logging all of the APRS activity in the area. A total of 137 stations was detected and logged in the local APRS area network. The evening meal began at 6PM and we had hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, cold slaw, and bake beans. During the meal the local TV station (WDTV Channel 5) came by and took shots of the operating stations and interviewed several of the operators. The short but informative film clip appeared on the local Channel 5 news at 11PM. The Field Day activities were well attended with a total of 22 licensed amateur operators, with the youngest being KD8ABS, age 12 and eldest being K8WWW, age 74. There was a grand total of 35 individuals at the Field Day activities and I believe most if not all enjoyed themselves, with the exception of one individual that felt we were enjoying it to much and not contesting hard enough. I think he enjoyed himself although he was not willing to admit it. There was a total of 1001 contacts made on 80/40/20 meters with most of them being SSB. We did have one great CW operator (NW8U).
Respectfully submitted:
Richard Wilt, K8TPH
President, SJARA

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