Stonewall Jackson Amateur Raido Association
Results reported to ARRL:

CW points 32 x 2 = 64 + PH points 316 = 380 x Pwr 2 = 760 plus Bonus points 1050
Total score claimed.

225 Main St.
Newington, CT 06111 USA

We came in at 193 for Cat 3A in the nation out of 303 total entries in Cat 3A.

#CallScoreCategoryQSOsPower MultGOTA CallSectionParticipantsClub
1 W8SP5,2422A1,4692 WV24Mountaineer ARA
2K8EP3,9742A1,0772N3JDRWV20Eastern Panhandle ARC
3W8VA3,7865F8342 WV37Tri-State ARA
4KN8J2,8361A4902 WV12IOOK
5WA8KAN2,6501E2605 WV1 
6WC8EC2,3785A4932 WV19Wood Co Em Comm
7W8MWA2,3364A4322 WV15Monongalia Wireless Assn
8W8PBO2,2701B1B2175 WV1 
9N8NBL2,2602A6462 WV25Parkersburg ARK
10 K8DF1,8103A3482K8TPHWV20Stonewall Jackson ARA
11WV8AR1,8022A4192 WV25West Virginia AR
12N3ZP1,5201B1B1525 WV1 
13KD8DMI9704A652 WV12Jefferson Co. ARC
14WV8E6803AC2072 WV10Plateau ARA
15W8ORS5092AC91KD8PUGWV6Opequon RS
16AB8S1981D572 WV1 
Amateurs participating in Field Day 2008:

Field Day 2008 will go down in history in the memories of the members of The Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association (SJARA) K8DF as an unforgettable event.

      We went to our Field Day site (Lowndes Hill 1400 feet above sea level) over looking Clarksburg, WV late on Friday evening to erect the 40 foot tower with a Tri-bander and dipoles for 40/80 meters. It was a beautiful evening, with only a slight overcast.

      We returned home to start again on Saturday morning. The completion of the set up began promptly at 9 AM. Everything went very smoothly setting up a large shelter for operating a 3A station including one for GOTA. Computers were set up for logging and an extra shelter set up for VE testing and later to be used for rest and dining area. We had a total of 15 individuals tested for Technician or upgrading to General or Extra at 1 PM. Now all they have to do is wait to get their license from the FCC and get into the world of the “Ham”. Five of the new hams are members of Harrison County Office of Emergency Services where the SJARA has helped to set up a HF, VHF/UHF station to work with our local EOS for emergency communications. The SJARA with the EOS participated in the CWID held on June 17, 2008.

      Operations started promptly at 2 PM with operations running smoothly. Our first notice of any difficulties began when the home computer on the network went dead. Within just a few minutes a laptop was substituted for the main network computer. CQ Field Day continued on 20, 40 and 80 meters. The next thing occurring was a contact with a Field Day station about 35 miles west of Clarksburg, WV in Doddridge County, WV that they were being hit by a thunder storm with lots of lightening.

      We heeded the warning and closed down operations and covered all of the equipment with tarps for extra protection in case of a little wind that could possibly get some equipment wet. The storm hit us at approximately 4:30 PM but it was much more than we had expected from the reports from the Field Day station west of us. We had sustained winds that hit well into the high 50 to 60 mph. We completely lost the shelter set up for the VE testing. The wind crushed it and bent the shelter to the ground and the only reason it did not go with the wind was because it was tied down securely. The attitude in the operation shelter went to near panic when nearly 15 people were hanging onto the structure to keep the wind from taking it. During the storm one amateur braved the winds and rain to take rope and tie the shelter to a couple large maple trees nearby. One large tree approximately 40 feet tall very near the shelter was broken and fell and we almost lost our “Porta Potty”, of course, that would have been a tragedy. We finally returned to operations about two hours latter. (believe it or not, our generate ran without missing a beat) After all of the excitement we secured the generator during the time we were getting things going after the storm. By 6 PM we got the damaged shelter repaired and standing again and dinner was started by our outstanding chef.

      Prior to the storm we had several visitors. Among them were our county commissioner with his wife and daughter. Our local newspaper, ‘The Clarksburg Exponent Telegram”, reporter and photographer came by to film and obtain information on our activities.

      We continued operations until 8 PM when we received another alert from the Field Day station west of us that they had just had another thunderstorm but there was no high winds accompanying the storm but had a lot of lightening.

      We again started securing equipment bracing for the next storm. The first indication of a new storm was the fog came in decreasing the visibility to nearly zero. The rain set in and it rained for the next two hours without a let up. According to the local NWS we had more than 1 ˝ inches of rain in a very short time.

      Around midnight we made the determination to stop operations until the next morning. A few of us remained at the Field Day site during the night to keep an eye on the shelters and equipment while the others returned home to return the next morning.

      The rain had stopped by daylight so we started up operations again. We only operated for a short time and we again received a storm warning from the local NWS so we packed up all of the equipment called it a day around 11 AM. We had just finished unloading the Field Day supplies when it stated to rain again. Next year maybe we can ask Noah to use his Ark for Field Day.

      Stonewall Jackson Amateur Association will be active again at the ARRL Roanoke Division Convention operating the Special Events station on August 23rd and 24th. It is the 50th anniversary and we will be operating with the call sign W8V on 20 and 40 meters. For information: http://www.sjara.org.

      Sorry, there are no pictures. I was a little to busy trying to keep dry and keeping the equipment dry to get my camera out.

      We will be back next year and hit it again with the zeal and fortitude that Field Day deserves.

      Submitted by K8TPH

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