Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association
Field Day Excercises held on Lowndes Hill behind the local YMCA in the Civil War Historical Park

WDTV TV-News Channel 5.1

Members of the Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Club have spent the last several years participating in the American Radio Relay League's (ARRL) annual Field Day. The group set up its antenna radio towers and cables on top of a hill beside the YMCA in Clarksburg. Members rely on radio voice transmission and Morse code to communicate with other licensed amateurs throughout the U.S. and Canada. President David Anderson says it's relatively easy to set up the equipment. "We can bring two vertical and horizontal antennas up, swing them between two trees, hook a radio up to a 12 volt power supply in a car and be on the air in 30 minutes," he said. By the end of the one day, members had successfully communicated to more than 1200 times to other participating radio amateurs.

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